• Leotards of any style or color and either footless tights, dance leggings, or jazz pants.

  • In warmer months it is fine to be bare legged or wear tight fitting stretch shorts over the leotard.

  • Feet are bare. 

  •  As it gets cooler, wear form-fitting long sleeve tops over the dance wear. Please no baggy tops or bottoms.


  • Leotards or form fitting , lycra, spaghetti strap (or similar) dance tops and leggings or footless tights, or jazz pants.  

  • Feet are bare for modern. Sneakers are worn for Street Funk.

  • It is fine to wear form fitting long sleeve tops over the dance wear as it gets cooler.

  • Please no baggy tops or bottoms. 


  • In warmer months they can wear form fitting  T-shirts and form fitting stretch shorts. In colder months they can wear leggings, slim fitting sweat pants, and long sleeve stretch shirts over t-shirts.

  • Solid colors rather than logos would be best. 

Dancewear is form fitting and stretchy (leotards or lycra) without decoration like zippers, pockets, or other metallic attachments. 


Stretch jeans, sports shorts, and baggy T-shirts are not allowed.


Shoulder-length hair and longer must be pulled back and entirely out of the face. No hats or large hair decorations. PARENTS it is your job to make sure your student brings hair elastics to class. Please bring fabric hair elastics, not plastic.

Proper dancewear is the first step to becoming a skilled dancer. Thank you for coming prepared!

  • A reusable water bottle is the most important thing to bring to class. Younger students must have a water bottle with a sports cap. ALL WATER BOTTLES MUST BE LABELED WITH STUDENT'S NAME.

  • Students with shoulder-length hair or longer must bring their own hair elastics.

  • In the cooler months, students should bring a long-sleeved, stretchy, form-fitting top to wear before they are warmed up.

  • Sneakers, if you are taking Street Funk.