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We are very grateful to our church hosts for supporting our school so vitally for so many years.

Please read through these rules so we can respect our dancing space.


First Parish Church Rules

Pick Up Policy:

All students must have a parent or guardian greet them in the church after class and walk them back to a car parked in the back lot of First Parish. Please do not drive your car up to the door to pick up students. This often causes unsafe conditions and a backup of cars. This has been a problem for a long time. We understand that many of you have younger children at pick up and are in a rush but we need to prioritize safety. 


We all need to be careful leaving the parking lot as other students and families walk to their cars. As we know, the space is very tight and there is no walkway for pedestrians for the few yards close to the door. 


However, dropping dancers off at the door is fine before class. Please be very careful as you drive through the parking lot and the exiting driveway.

Church Rules

The side door is our only entrance and exit. The high school and adult classes can leave by the back door at 7:15pm. People are working in the church offices and using the side door helps us to avoid disturbing them.

Please observe the “no parking signs” in the church parking lot. There is no parking in the clergy or staff parking spaces at any time (they have evening meetings in addition to their daytime office hours), nor in handicapped spaces unless the car has proper designation to park there. Please do not park on the paved area in the front of the church steps. In accordance with the Massachusetts Anti-Idling Law (MGL, Chapter 90, and Section 16A) and First Parish’s concern with the role of vehicle emissions in climate change and health, please do not idle vehicles in the parking lot.

If you are a parent/guardian staying during the dance class, please stay on the benches in the hallway outside of Parish Hall. Please do not take younger siblings to other parts of the church building to play or allow unsupervised children to roam the church. 

We are not allowed in the Memorial Garden (the garden next to the parking lot).

The houses on either side of the church are private residences. Please do not go in their yards. 

Thank you!

First Baptist Church Rules


We are not allowed to use the playground.


Thank you!

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