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School Scholarship

Dance should be accessible to every body. During this especially difficult time, we have been inspired to create a need-based scholarship opportunity for those who are ready to dance, but cannot make the financial commitment right now.

Admission is rolling until the beginning of March and we will be accepting as many dancers as we can.

This is a need-based scholarship for a semester of classes at the Deborah Abel School of Modern Dance.

We welcome dancers of all ages (K-12 and Adults) to apply! As with all of our students, we are looking for dancers who are enthusiastic and committed to dance class, no matter what level they are at.

We are looking for 2-3 years of prior dance experience for the 7&8 Grade and High School classes. (Sometimes experience in comparable movement disciplines like gymnastics or ice skating can replace dance experience). Similarly, the Adult class is an Intermediate/Advanced technique class and students are expected to have a strong technical background in order to register.

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