Student Video Performance 2020


Unprecedented times call for unprecedented art making! This year, in lieu of our usual live performance, we created seven awesome video pieces. Under Deborah's artistic direction, all of our students choreographed their own solos, their families acted as our videographers, and after some excellent video editing by our managing director, voilà! We ended up with a powerful, funny, moving, gorgeous performance that will live on in time. Thank you to all of our dancers, their families and friends, our production team, and Deborah, for finding a way, even during the coronavirus pandemic, to dance together


Please enjoy!





our 2020 Student Video Performance


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Light Up The World, 1&2 grade

Walk Like An Egyptian, 3&4 grade

Have Fun, Go Mad, 5&6 grade

In The Beginning, 1&2 grade

On The Case, 3&4 grade

DJ Play, 7&8 grade

Rise Above, High School