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Directions & Parking

 First Parish in Lexington
7 Harrington Road
Lexington, MA 02421
Church Office: (781) 862-8200



Park in the back of the church. To enter, please use the door situated under an overhang along the right side of the church (the left side, if you're coming from the back parking lot).


Please observe the “no parking signs” in the church parking lot. There is no parking in the clergy or staff parking spaces at any time (they have evening meetings in addition to their daytime office hours), nor in handicapped spaces unless the car has proper designation to park there. Please do not park on the paved area in the front of the church steps. In accordance with the Massachusetts Anti-Idling Law (MGL, Chapter 90, and Section 16A) and First Parish’s concern with the role of vehicle emissions in climate change and health, please do not idle vehicles in the parking lot.

If you are dropping your child off at the side door while in your vehicle, please make sure your child is ready to get right out so that other cars do not have to wait for you to gather belongings/change clothes etc.

Please drive very slowly and carefully as you leave the parking lot. Children are leaving the building, and the space by the side door is very tight. All children should leave the church with an adult to make sure they do not run into the driveway.

First Baptist Church
1580 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02421
Church Office: (781) 862-9050



We are not allowed to use the tiny church parking lot (about 7 spaces).  You can park on Mass Ave at a meter, or at Cary Hall’s circular driveway.  Per request of the church, please do not park or even stop at the yellow curb in front of the church.



Although there is a main entrance to the church at the top of the stairs, we will be using a different entrance. To the left of the main entrance is a long walkway leading to a door at ground level (this is the entrance to the office and all the other rooms to the church). Please enter through this door, go straight down the hallway through some doors, up a staircase. On the second floor, our room is through a door on the left.

Follen Community Church
755 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02420
Church Office: (781) 862-3805



You may park:

  • Anywhere with a parking space in the circular driveway

  • In the parking lot across the street, except between the 2nd Friday after Thanksgiving through Christmas (Note: cross Massachusetts Avenue only at the crosswalk, using the light)

  • On Massachusetts Avenue or Follen Road.

  • ​In the Waldorf School lot just beyond the library parking

  • We have reserved a space for first time visitors in front of the church




The entrance to the studio is at ground level, through glass doors that lead (and look) into the studio itself.  Accessible from the Church driveway.



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