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Fall 2021 pre-registration is OPEN!

Check out our UPDATED Fall 2021 Class Schedule & Fees.

We plan to gather in-person for classes this coming fall. We cannot wait to be back in the studio, moving and grooving with you all!


Introducing: the Deborah Abel School of Modern Dance Scholarship

This is a need-based opportunity for students who are ready to dance, committed to their dance education, and need financial support at this time. Learn more.

Check out our 2020 Student Video Performance!

"Rise Above," 2020 High School Class


"I love your teaching style and method. I've loved it from the first class I saw. I think you are a most remarkable teacher and that what you give to the students in your classes is much much more than dancing (which by itself is fantastic). You teach them about creativity, about collaboration, about compromise...there is so much."


Visit us at to connect with the Deborah Abel Dance Company.